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Is a Self Balancing Scooter Your Child’s Gift of Choice?

Leray Self Balancing

Self balancing scooters are all the rage of celebrities, and the tweens and teens that follow them. These fun and funky little technological marvels let kids and adults alike scoot around just like they are riding on a hoverboard–so children everywhere are bound to be asking for these gadgets for Christmas.

Safe Alternative to Bikes

Bikes can get going pretty fast on a hill, with a crash having the potential to cause significant damage to your child. Self balancing scooters, however, have a fixed speed of 12 km/hr, meaning your child will go significantly slower and have a much lower potential of careening out of control than they would if they were riding a bicycle. You can help keep your children safe while riding a self balancing scooter by assuring that they always wear the proper protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads just as if they were riding a bike.

Coolest Parents Ever Award

When your child opens their gift at Christmas and realizes that you have purchased them a self balancing scooter, they are going to be incredibly excited! This may be the hottest toy of the season, with all the celebrity endorsements and the way that people are taking to YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in droves to create fun videos of how they are driving the various models of self balancing scooters. Children will be overwhelmed with joy when they are able to share with their friends and classmates that they have received this neat new self balancing scooter for Christmas. Since this is quite a new product it’s best to do some research and read reviews first to choose the best self balancing scooter for your child.

Quick and Easy to Learn

Most adults and children are able to get on a self balancing scooter and start using it safely and effectively within only a very few moments. When you first get on the self balancing scooter, you might experience a little bit of disorientation, but this passes when a few minutes of learning how moving your body weight around can change the trajectory of the scooter and keep you moving in the direction that you want to go.

Whether you decide to do it for safety or for fun, take the plunge and get your child or children a self balancing scooter this holiday season. Your child will be the coolest kid in their class, and you will win the ‘Parent of the Year’ award from your c