How Clara ended her back pain with a new investment

back painWhile science hasn’t quite yet figured out the biological functions of sleep, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that our dreams help us form long term memories. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, though, including the story of Clara Dumet. She found herself struggling with sleepless nights, full of tossing and turning. After buying a memory foam mattress, though, she found that many things changed.

While sleeping on a traditional mattress with a pillow top design, she often spent the days with a sore neck and back. She was also far more irritable and grumpy than she was when she was younger. Worst of all, though, she found herself forgetting things that she never would have forgotten in the past: birthdays, anniversaries, and other important appointments.

After seeing advertisements for memory foam mattresses she decided to purchase one and give it a shot. To find the best memory foam mattress you can try online to read reviews. Within a week she found herself sleeping much better. Her sore muscles in her neck and back felt much better. She awoke in a better mood that lasted throughout the day.

But she also noticed that she was far less absent minded than she had been just a few days prior. She credits all of these positive improvements to the memory foam mattress she had purchased, stating that the improved quality of her sleep resulted in a more thorough set of sleep cycles.

By ensuring that she was sleeping on the best possible mattress she was also ensuring that her brain could process the events of the day properly, increasing her ability to remember what was most important.

Now she is considering her next move which could be an electronic massage chair. The best massage chairs are quite expensive though so she will have to do some saving first before her dream comes true.