How I Protect my New Computer with a Laptop Backpack

So I just purchased a rather expensive new piece of equipment, it is the beautiful Dell XPS13 Laptop at a cost of over $1,000. I really love the little thing, it may be small but it packs a lot of power and beautiful 1080p screen. As somebody who travels a lot this baby is perfect. I was getting pretty tired of lugging a heavy old laptop around and decided now was the time for a change. Now you may be wondering where I am going with this. Well, I want to discuss the best way to protect what is quite a large investment.

I’ve always tended to be a user of the traditional laptop satchel and they fare pretty well but they aren’t particularly comfortable and don’t offer as much protection as I would like. Enter the laptop backpack, these bags are designed specifically to protect your computer whilst keeping you mobile and comfortable. They normally come with a well padded laptop compartment which offers unparalleled protect protection for your precious investment. Not only that but to potential thieves these look just like a normal bag, nobody knows you are carrying a high price item in there.

There’s plenty of options on the market so it’s good idea to read the reviews and specifications first to make sure the bag you buy is going to meet your requirements. Of course for us ladies it’s also nice to get one that looks somewhat easy on the eye. I went for the Timbuk2 “Q”, it is probably the most beautiful one out there and comes in a variety of colors. It costs are fair bit of money at around $100 but for me that is a small price to pay for such a high quality bag to protect my shiny new laptop.

Of course there are many budget alternatives with some solid bags for just $30 from the likes of Case Logic. These lower priced ones will still do a fine job of protecting your computer but perhaps with a little less style and thought in the design. You can even find some laptop backpacks which offer an Armour plated outer shell, if you ask me that is going a bit too far but each to their own!

So to sum up, if you invest in nice new laptop and don’t consider a laptop backpack then you should think again. They are they suitable for travelers, students, business people and well just about anyone! That is as long as you choose the right style, a brightly colored bag probably doesn’t go well with a smart suit though it might be great for a college student. Then if you are in a war zone you can consider the Ogio Renegade RSS with it’s Armour plated padding. Either way these bags are the future of laptop protection and everyone should think about owning one.

If you already have one let me know about yours.