Why I Bought A Trampoline To Get My Kids More Active

Why I Bought A Trampoline To Get My Kids More ActiveLike many parents, I struggle to get my kids the exercise they need to be healthy. Even with the right food and the right portions, having my kids rarely move away from the telly. When you take into account video games as well, there is a lot of motivation for my kids to stay inside rather than going out. Thankfully, I’ve found a way to help motivate them to not only be healthy, but more sociable as well. What’s my secret? Well, it all comes down to having purchased a trampoline. Let me take this opportunity to describe to you why I bought a trampoline to get my kids more active. Here are my three reasons and why they worked.

1. I Wanted My Kids To Move Around

More than anything else, I wanted to make sure that my kids were getting enough exercise. Like many parents out there, I understand that exercise can be very important but I struggle to keep them moving around. The trampoline has been an incredible help for that reason. Requiring a great deal of endurance and muscle ability, my kids have both become stronger and more able to survive long boring walks with their parents. With less tantrums and more endurance has come greater activities out together and our family has been better for it. It all started with the trampoline.

2. I Wanted My Kids To Be More Sociable

Watching the telly and playing video games inside all day does not help my kid socialize. In fact, neither kid had much interest in going out before we got the trampoline. However, once we got the trampoline, our house became the meeting place for all the local kids. Now wanting to be active and actually playing with other kids, my two children are frequently on the trampoline. While some may say that it is a fashionable gimmick that will quickly become outdated, my kids have played with it for years now, more than making up the original cost. Compared to a 60 Pound video game and how long they tend to last, the cost of the trampoline is nothing.

3. I Wanted To Keep Track Of My Kids

Like any parent, I worry about the health and safety of my kid. Even when they are in the neighborhood, I want to make sure that they are happy and safe. Having a trampoline has made that very easy. You might ask me ‘isn’t a trampoline dangerous?’ The answer is not at all. Trampolines are incredibly safe if you take the right safety precautions. First, I made sure that the springs were completely covered. By covering the springs, the trampoline no longer posed the risk of pinching my kids or my neighbor’s kids. Along with covering the springs, I purchased a trampoline that came with a safety net around the sides. Capable of keeping the kids all in one place, I can watch them from outside the kitchen window. I know exactly where they are, whom they are hanging out with, and I can help if ever I am needed. While they may go out to play in the neighborhood, they have come back to the trampoline year after. As a result, I’ve met all of the local kids and now know their parents pretty well.

So there you have it. A single purchase helped to make my kids more athletic and social. It helps me keep track of them, their friends, and provide the best services any parent can hope to provide. While no where near a perfect parent, I pride myself in having found an activity that my kids love. If you are in a similar situation, then I highly suggest getting a trampoline.

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