5 awesome things about living with a Ragdoll cat


I’m lucky! By a stroke of luck, Zorro came into my life. Yes, I had something to do with bringing him in and taming him, but I can’t believe what I learned about him and the Ragdolls. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about Ragdolls until I brought this guy into our home. I didn’t even know he was a Ragdoll until I posted a photo of him (still outdoors and still untamed) and fellow cats writer said he was probably a purebred Ragdoll .

I don’t know how the hell Zorro ended up outside of our house, but it was someone else’s loss and my gain. Even though Zorro can be a bit of a bully at times (I suspect insecurity and a need for attention), Cure Relief and Feliway really seem to make a difference.

Here are some great things about living with a Ragdoll.

1. I have a follower – in fact, I am constantly being followed

Zorro constantly follows me around the house. (Although he was once an outdoor cat, he shows no interest in wanting to go back outside.) All I have to do is make eye contact with Zorro, and he’s with me. If I’m sitting down and we connect with our eyes, he’s instantly in my lap. It’s like he’s ready and waiting for communication with me. He likes to be with me. I even have to be careful when I go down the stairs. Zorro loves to walk close to me and can sometimes walk quickly in front of me – possible problems for both of us. He and I exercise a lot by constantly moving around, going up and down stairs, and just being together.

2. This Ragdoll is very expressive

I have never seen such an expressive cat. Zorro knows how to ask for attention and he loves it. He is very confident and will easily give me and others his tummy to rub. I can handle it easily; in fact, he loves it. The brushing, the stroking, ANY connection – everything is wonderful when it comes to Zorro.

Zorro is a kind of cat very in the body. It constantly flexes its large paws with happiness. He’s tall and strong, and doesn’t necessarily care about having his claws cut while sitting on my lap. But I’ve had the most nail-cutting success when Zorro is in one of his slack and relaxed moods. (Yes, the Ragdolls flop, and Zorro does it well.) Once he was on his back, blissfully enjoying being hit and flexing his paws. He was so relaxed that I cut his claws in that position.

3. Zorro is very communicative and attentive

Zorro is really smart at letting me know when something is wrong. Many cats seem stoic in this regard. Not my Ragdoll. Once, when he jumped from a high place, he must have injured his paw. He walked over to me, sat on my lap, looked me straight in the eye, and cried. I have never seen a cat tell me so clearly that something is wrong. He also clearly told me at another time that his stomach was upset.

4. The Ragdoll is obviously magnificent

I try not to cling to the “beauty” about my cats – I think all cats are beautiful. Still, Zorro’s looks are pretty amazing. I admire his big paws (which he lets me handle, thankfully!), His long mustaches, those striking blue eyes, his soft fur and his incredible facial markings (the “mask”, hence the name Zorro, and the pretty black spot on his nose). Zorro has a tail like I’ve never seen on a cat – it curls up and over its back and stays that way – much like the tail of a Keeshond or a Samoyed. We had a Keeshond once and we joke that the Keeshond may have reincarnated as Zorro because of that tail.

5. This Ragdoll is one of the most emotional cats I have ever seen

Zorro is very good at expressing his emotions – vocally, with his eyes and with his body. He seems to be more intense about it than a lot of other cats I’ve lived with. I’m not sure if this is a Ragdoll trait or a Zorro trait, but from what I’ve read about Ragdolls it seems like they’re extremely friendly, social, emotional, and expressive. . These are all real from my awesome Ragdoll Zorro!

Tell me about your Ragdolls! I would like to know. Are they like what I described here? What makes yours so great?

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