7 best new mounts and pets

At each new elder scrolls online The chapter contains a bunch of new mounts and pets to collect, usually designed to reflect the expansion’s setting and theme. The high island Chapter allows players to ride or adventure alongside many ocean creatures and other animals that inhabit the rolling golden hills of the High Isle.

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Some of these new elder scrolls online mounts and pets are tied to achievements, like the Stormsurge Howler, while others can be earned by completing specific in-world objectives, like the Coral Haj Mota. The Chapter’s new Crown Crate, the Black Chivalry Crate, also gives players a few new mounts and pets as rare items.


Pet: Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab can be found naturally throughout the High Isle, and while players cannot find or earn one in the world, one can be purchased from the Crown Store or with Crown Gems. These little guys are easy to miss when venturing out to the High Isle coastline, as they blend in surprisingly well with their surroundings.

The Hermit Crab can be purchased from the in-game Crown Store for 2,000 crowns, or through the Crate Gem Shop for 40 crowns.

Mount: Pale Frost Dash

The Palefrost Elk is a majestic mount that is sure to catch the eye of players who don’t have one. It glows ghostly white and emits a slight particle effect, almost as if it’s going through its own personal cloud of frosty fog.

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The Palefrost Elk was included in the pre-purchase edition of the Elder Scrolls Online: High Island Chapter, and can only be acquired by purchasing this special edition of the game. It should be noted that there is a non-combat pet version of the Palefrost Elk in the Palefrost Elk Fawn, also earned for pre-purchasing the chapter.

Pet: Coral Haj Mota

Various Haj Mota can be found throughout Tamriel, but are especially numerous in High Isle and Amenos. The non-combat pet Coral Haj Mota is a smaller, but much sleeker and more elaborate version of one of these enemies.

This non-combat pet is obtained by collecting items throughout the high island The two new public dungeons in the chapter. In Ghost Haven Bay, players need to collect 25 Coral Haj Mota lures. In the Spire of the Crimson Coin, players must collect 25 Coral Haj Mota lures.

Mount: Storm Howler

The Stormsurge Howler is an elemental mount that looks like a cross between the Amenos Ornaug mount, included with the high island Chapter Collector’s Edition and a Storm Atronach. It’s vibrant, glows with a crackling lightning effect, and lets other players know you’re a true ESO pro with its incredibly challenging requirements.

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To earn the Stormsurge Howler, players must earn each Dreadsail Reef Trial achievement included with high island. It’s also not limited to normal mode achievements, as players must complete it on veteran Hardmode and earn those achievements as well.

Pet: Gonfalon Bay Cat

There is a cat in Gonfalon Bay which, when approached, can interact with it to trigger a special cutscene. The camera pans to see the player beckoning the cat to jump on it and be petted – after a few seconds the cat is back in place. This cat, named Warmseeker, can be found just outside the entrance to the Artisan building in Gonfalon Bay.

While not technically a non-combatant pet, it’s worth mentioning as a unique encounter in elder scrolls online that a lot of gamers probably missed. What this means for the game, no one knows, but some have speculated that it could be a test for expanded character animations in future ESO chapters.

Mount: Luminous Meridian Charger

The Luminous Meridian Charger is truly a sight to behold. He takes the form of a spectral steed with golden elven armor that barely contains his form of savage energy. It’s bright, easy to see and makes a statement in any area you ride it.

The Luminous Meridian Charger doesn’t come cheap though. In fact, it’s only available from the Crown Gem Shop for 2500 Effort Gems or Seals or as a rare drop from Dark Chivalry Crown Crates. Prepare to spend a lot of time farming for resources to purchase this mount, unless you’re feeling lucky and want to open Crown Crates instead.

Pet: Heartland Butcher’s Hound

The Heartland Butcher’s Dog is next in the long list of dogs heading to elder scrolls online. This dog, which looks somewhere between a Rottweiler and a Boxer, is said to have earned its name after originally being used as a guard dog before their owners realized they didn’t do much guarding and watching much more food.

The Heartland Butcher’s Dog, like the Luminous Meridian Charger, is found in the high island Chapter Dark Chivalry crates, but at a much higher drop rate. It can also be purchased outright for a paltry 40 Crown Gems or 2000 Seals of Endeavor.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Series X|S

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