A sustainable clothing hub in Vietnam designed to reduce the carbon footprint of making a t-shirt

The 11-year-old company, whose vision is based on “humanity and sustainability”, has made its mark developing residential properties in southern Vietnam. Aurora – the Latin word for dawn – is his first foray into industrial real estate and his first venture in northern Vietnam.

Currently, Aurora IP has entered into two land lease agreements worth more than US$200 million (S$278 million) with investors from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to develop textile projects and high-tech dye. He expects to recruit other investors from the three regions in the near future.

Sustainability in more ways than one

Investors are undoubtedly drawn to the many selling points that set Aurora IP apart from other industrial parks. Not only can Aurora IP accommodate high-tech factories and meet the stringent demands of the textile dyeing process, but it is committed to sustainability in various aspects.

Environmental sustainability

About 17 km of green fence and canals surround the park instead of concrete walls. No less than 5 ha of land are reserved for nurseries and a lake. Green elements, internal roads and logistics systems make up 35% of Aurora’s total area.

In addition to this, to minimize its impact on the environment, Aurora IP is building a system to draw up to 170,000 m3 per day of water from the nearby Day River rather than underground. To reduce its overall water consumption, the park aims to recycle 60% of the 110,000 m3 of wastewater treated per day.

Sustainable energy use is another cornerstone of Aurora’s vision. In addition to prioritizing the development of energy-saving solutions, renewable energy and environmentally friendly fuels, Aurora IP also encourages its investors to do so. Workers drive around the park in quiet, low-emission electric vehicles.

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