Abandoned Siamese polydactyl cat has paws as big as its heart!

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There are some things in the lifesaving world that are sad but true. Cats of all ages, colors and personalities are trapped and rescued from the streets every day. But this is where the hardest part begins. You have to be patient with the terrified soul. You should try to keep them alive so that the transition from homeless cat to adoptable cat is as smooth as possible. And then you have to find that perfect family to welcome them into their home. However, there are certain felines that the masses are still happy to overlook all other adoptable cats. Warning bells ring immediately when adopters begin with the “Do you have any Siamese cats?”. Or “I’ve always wanted a polydactyl cat (extra toes on their paws).”

So when the sweetest Siamese polydactyl cat was found at a local rookery, rescuers knew her trip would be special.

It is in a wild colony that cat rescuer Chris Poole, or The cat man Chris, has been monitoring for years. By working with a group of other dedicated feeders, they managed to keep a group of feral cats fed, healthy and, if possible, adopted. Not only is it near a new construction site where dangers lay, but it’s on a massive intersection. And in front of that, a field with many coyote hunting stories.

But then he got a call from one of the caring women, Christine, who had spotted a new face. And he was a huge Siamese boy, who wasn’t afraid of her. This led them to believe that he had been abandoned or escaped from home. Because he approached her without fear, begging for pets and food.

He was voracious and ate the food she swallowed immediately. She also tried catnip with him and he loved it too, sealing their bond.

Christine was able to easily put the loving boy in a baby carrier the next morning and he was off to his new life. Cat Man Chris picked him up and put him in his “Catty Shack” where he would be safe.

Almost immediately, his heart-shaped Siamese polydactyl mega paws reached for the bars of the cage demanding attention.

And with that, we gave him his first name, Valentino.

Valentino was only staying with Chris for a few days while he went to the vet and a foster family was found. It was extremely easy for Chris and his wife to sit down and keep him company as his new life plan was formulated.

Fortunately, he tested negative for FIV/FeLV and no microchip was found. He too was only about a year old! But the vet discovered he had a slight heart murmur, weird since he has so many “hearts”. Luckily, they’ve indicated he’s rated at “2-3 out of 6” and can come and go.

A local animal shelter in Pasco, Florida was happy to step in and help the unique and loving cat. They know that when a feline with “desirable traits” is rescued, it is very important that it finds a home that will not exploit its genetic makeup. And the adorable Valentino sports 6 toes on each paw, front and back!

So Valentino went to his temporary home with his adoptive mother Sheridan.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the nice guy had Won neither with his “great love”.

Although “the goal is goodbye” when promoting. Sheridan’s family came very close to “foster failure”; and are considering adopting it themselves. To be honest, so does the Cat Man Chris clan!

But Valentino’s heart would lead him in another direction. And everyone involved knows that’s exactly where his heart or hearts can now become whole. For look at the happiness on the faces of his new family.

Not only did her heart need a hand to hold it, but the family had just begun to heal after the loss of their beloved cat. Life after the loss, a new baby and a new home had finally settled down and they knew Valentino was the key to healing their broken hearts.

Now known as Hemingway, families nod to writer Ernest Hemingway’s famous extra-toed Key West cats. The love his new humans have for tropical islands is nothing compared to their newfound love for him.

Congratulations to Valentino/Hemingway and his new family! Thank you for cheering him on and giving him the chance to wear his heart on his…sleeves?

Photo courtesy of Cat Man Chris/The Runaways Animal Rescue


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