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In reply to Ben Webb “nervousness” About a few stray cats in the Tops parking lot, what exactly would he have to worry about?

Did he think he would be attacked for some reason?

I have helped rescue stray and feral cats in our area all my life and have never been attacked by a cat unprovoked. I think there may be some exaggeration about his true feelings about cats, or these cats were tricked into acting in a way that made him nervous.

These cats are not the problem, they are the people when it comes to this problem. These are the people who refuse to have their pets spayed and spayed and then let them out to roam the streets and procreate. These are the people who buy cute little kittens without worrying about the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. The people who created these problems are never the ones trying to help these cats, we are.

Mr. Webb certainly has the means to help TNR ​​(trap, neuter, release) some of these animals or better yet the ability to neuter or neuter them and help them find homes. These poor animals are only looking for help. He said that people came from other towns to feed and care for the cats and he asked them not to. Is he okay?

Some of us care about these cats and just can’t turn our backs on them. When there is a city that refuses to help these poor souls, others must come and do it for them. Many of us in this area are doing all we can to help these cats across the county. We feed them, provide them with water, spay and neuter them, find them safe homes. We take them to the vet when they are sick and we cry when we lose them. We go out in snowstorms to make sure they have shelter and food. We look for them when they go missing. We are out there every day, doing our best to help these animals, and articles like the one posted about overfed cats in Mayville, and comments like Mr. Webb’s, undermine what we are trying to accomplish.

Obviously Mr. Webb is not an animal lover, certainly not a cat lover, otherwise he wouldn’t have felt nervous around these cats, he would have felt compassion. The woman mentioned who does not want cats to use her flowerbed as a litter box should be made aware of the natural deterrents that can be placed around these areas that will not harm any wildlife, including cats. Often, just placing pebbles or rocks in the dirt will deter cats from using these areas. The Erie County Fair featured an exhibit on the benefits of using charcoal for landscaping, rather than mulch or regular soil. It never fades, there’s no smell, you never have to replace it, and cats won’t use it as a litter box. There is also a non-repellent plastic mat that can be placed around plants called Scat Cat.

If cats were part of a TNR program, there would be no problem with unneutered male cats spraying outdoors. These are all easy fixes if people care just enough to be part of the solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

As I said before, it’s not the cats that are the underlying problem here, it’s the people who refuse to be responsible. I challenge Mr. Webb and other members of the Mayville community to donate money to a cat shelter that is willing to come to Mayville and TNR these cats or trap, spay and rehom them. I would like them to take the initiative, do the right thing and make a difference; instead of waiting for someone else.

Kris Stimson volunteers with New Leash on Life, a local non-profit organization.

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