Cat amazed by a huge poster at the vet that looks like him in a cute clip

A woman shared a video of her cat on social media mimicking a poster displayed in her vet’s office.

Posted on TikTok, a woman with the username @mialoustevens shared an adorable video of her cat, who is amazed by a photo on a wall in their vet’s office, with the cat’s owner recording and laughing at his pet’s actions. The viral video has been viewed over 3.7 million times and has 875,000 likes.

The TikTok user shared her adorable video of her cat with the text displayed in the video: “I took her to the vet and apparently this room was made for her,” along with laughing emojis.

“She’s got her paw up and everything,” she exclaimed in her caption.

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A woman shared a TikTok that went viral of her amazed photo cat in the vet’s office.
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Leaving his pink cage, the cat looked at the poster and noticed that the cat displayed on it looked exactly like him. The cat noticed that the cat in the photo had a raised paw, so that’s what he did.

Other TikTok users wrote their admiration for the adorable cat in the comments section.

One user quoted and got 74,000 likes on his comment, “‘Wait, is this fucking game about me?'”

Another wrote what the cat may have been thinking: “‘Of all places, this is where I’m famous?!'”

“She’s so cute,” one Tiktok user commented.

One user said, “She’s like… ‘Did I model for this and I can’t remember?'”

“She’s hesitating whether to get out of her cage or not when that giant cat is out there,” laughed another.

“The way she was offended like ‘this is really what I look like’,” another user exclaimed.

“priceless,” said one.

“You and the vet must have had a good laugh with that,” said another.

“She just needs to grow her ears,” wrote one user.

Newsweek contacted @miaoustevens for comment.

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