Crypto Token Launches Meditate-to-Earn Program Rewarding Holders for Self-Care

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The team behind Ryuuko Tsuka, an innovative new wellness token, has launched Meditate to Win (M2E). The token is inspired by the Dejitaru TSUKA token and notably shares its values ​​around community spirit, collaboration and well-being. Ryuuko Tsuka will pay USDC to holders who participate in daily meditation and wellness activities and will soon transition to a community-run DAO.

Meditate to win with Ryuuko Tsuka

Since its launch in late July, Ryuuko Tsuka has been making waves on social media due to its innovative concept and strong community engagement. In a Twitter Spaces AMA on August 15, the project revealed its leader Ryoko, before releasing details of its meditation bid to win.

The RYUTSUKA token was designed with two main purposes. First, to build a utility that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives, in the form of wellness sessions. And second – in the spirit of collaboration, provide valuable reflection payments to TSUKA, increasing its holder base and adding to its value.

Meditate to Win launched with seven short videos, each encouraging incumbents to take up to five minutes out of their day to focus on their wellbeing and mental health. When a cardholder participates in these guided activities, they earn points which will be converted into USDC and automatically deposited into their wallet at the end of each calendar month. Eventually, Ryuuko Tsuka will create a DAO and allow the community to set up and manage their own personal program.

Founder Ryoko said:

“We are really excited to launch the next phase of Ryuuko Tsuka. Crypto can be a difficult and toxic place to exist and we really want to encourage people to take time for contemplation – even if it’s only five minutes of their day. What we have accomplished in two weeks is simply amazing. Imagine what we can do in the next six months.

In just two weeks, RYUTSUKA has grown from 30 members to over 500, with top crypto influencers like @Bullrun_Gravano, @CryptoSlimer, @BITCOINTRAPPER and @Unclebobcrypto joining the project due to the rapid developments of its development team.

Ryuuko Tsuka is an innovative project focused on promoting positive behaviors. An advanced tokenomics model includes a 5% purchase and sale tax, most of which is held as USDC for the Meditate to Earn program, rewarding token holders for their daily meditation. To date, over $60,000 worth of cryptocurrency has been distributed to RYUSTUKA holders in the form of so-called “automatic reflection payments”.

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