Despite the doorbell video of the culprits, Solihull Police halt their investigation into the evil dopers.

Despite a video Showing a cat pushed into a box, victims of a ‘catnapping’ rash are outraged that police have stopped searching for their missing pets.

Residents of Solihull, 8 miles east of Birmingham, said their dogs had been abducted and after going missing the animals had appeared on websites selling used pets.

Although West Midlands Police have been accused of failing to properly handle the disappearances, they say they have carried out a “fairly thorough” investigation.

An alleged “catnapper” was seen on disturbing doorbell video watching, petting a cat, then picking it up.

When an accomplice arrives, they call him and quickly push the cat into the box and hide him from view.

Residents of Solihull, eight miles east of Birmingham, said their dogs had been kidnapped and after they went missing their beloved creatures appeared on resale sites. Photo taken from a video claiming to document a “catnapping”

Disturbing video from the doorbell showed a possible “catnapper” sweeping the area, petting a cat, then snatching it away.

As soon as an accomplice arrives with a box, they hasten to pack the cat inside to hide it.

Charlene Jones, one of the alleged victims, said her cat Benson was nabbed in January.

Weeks later, when Benson was “traumatized” by the ideal, his family was forced to buy him out.

“So obviously it’s okay to steal and sell cats since the cops aren’t too bothered,” she said in a Facebook post.

Benson, a cat owned by Charlene Jones, was stolen in January and appeared on a website for resale a few weeks later. After Benson’s kidnapping, Charlene is seen with her children Demi and Eden.

After Benson disappeared, his family was forced to ransom him. Benson is seen here after being brought home.

It is false on all levels. They belong to our family.

Jodie Smith, from Chelmsley Wood in Solihull, has reported her cat Arlo is still missing after first going missing on January 29 and West Midlands Police have given up investigating the case.

The missing cat poster was drawn by Jodie’s daughter, who pledged to spend “all her pocket money” to bring Arlo home.

Even though Jodie Smith’s cat Arlo (pictured) appeared on the Pets4Homes website and sold for £50 two days later, he is still missing from their Chelmsley Wood home.

They believe Arlo was listed for £50 on the Pets4Homes website two days after his abduction, but they have no leads as to his whereabouts.

It’s disheartening because we’ve provided so much evidence,” Charlene said. We have received communications claiming that cats are being sold again.

It irritates me that someone can commit the crime and get away with it. ‘Cause they don’t know where [Arlo] it’s that Jodie’s kids are inconsolable and Benson is still traumatized.

Jodie’s daughter created a poster for the cat’s disappearance and promised to spend “all her pocket money” to bring Arlo home.

“I think individuals should exercise caution and have cats they purchase on pet websites examined for fleas. People buy these creatures without first determining if they have been stolen.

In an effort to bring Arlo home, Charlene and Jodie have created a Facebook page and are pleading with anyone with information to contact them.

Additionally, they launched an “Arlo Legislation” campaign.

MailOnline has been in contact with West Midlands Police for a response.

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