Electric toothbrush mode: editor’s opinion

It may sound weird, but I have a thing for sophisticated oral care. Let me explain: I to like special toothpaste that feels as carefully formulated as my skincare routine (hi, Aesop Wasabi Toothpaste) and dental floss that makes me *actually* look forward to committing to it every day (greetings, Cocofloss). As you might guess, I’m also a fan of *deluxe* toothbrushes, which sounds downright boring to admit, but I think it’s a good investment. After all, if you’re buying products that will make you more inclined to take care of your teeth, what’s the harm in that? So when new oral care brand Mode offered me to test out its supposedly revolutionary ($165) cordless(!) Mode electric toothbrush, you can bet I was in for it. Check out my honest review of the upcoming high-tech toothbrush.

What I like about this toothbrush

One of my pet peeves about electric toothbrushes is that they often take up a lot of counter space, especially if you leave them on the charger. Others need batteries, and as someone who always misplaces mine, I can’t be trusted to replace them. I found that Mode solved both of these problems: its charging station plugs into an outlet port, and the toothbrush attaches to it magnetically. Oh, and it doubles as a chic nightlight, because why not?

It also certainly helps if both components are really smooth. The toothbrush itself and the dock are sleek and black, which goes perfectly with my bathroom decor. As for how it cleans, I’m no dentist, but I literally jumped a little when I first pressed the “on” button. This baby is powerfulrunning quietly at 38,000 brush strokes per minute, and it shuts off after two minutes (which is the recommended amount of time for brushing your teeth twice a day, according to the American Dental Association).

Finally, I accidentally discovered that the charger rotates so you can dock your brush vertically or horizontally. It’s a game-changer when you have to plug in your straighteners, hair dryers, etc.

Unlike other high-end toothbrushes, this toothbrush only has one mode, which “is all you need for a super clean mouth,” the brand writes on its website. And they are not wrong. I have owned multi-mode toothbrushes before and found that I would stick to the two minute brushing mode and rarely change it.

If you plan to upgrade your oral care routine with this toothbrush, consider purchasing the brand’s subscription model. How it works is that they’ll send you a new brush head every three months so you don’t have to manually add one to your cart every time you need a replacement.

Who is this toothbrush for?

This toothbrush is ideal for those, like me, who appreciate carefully designed oral care products that make your life easier and your toothbrushing routine more enjoyable.

Additional Details

  • The toothbrush is waterproof.
  • This toothbrush is made with an aluminum handle with a rubber rod.
  • Fully charged, you can get 30 days of battery life.
  • The night light turns on (by magic) when the docking station detects that the room is getting dark.

Evaluation: 5

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

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