Harvest Pizzeria, a café settling in the Grande Rue de Granville

Soon, the inhabitants of Granville will have two new tables to visit inside the village.

The old train station is being renovated to become The Station, a café that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Across the street, the Columbus Harvest Pizzeria chain will open its fifth location, said Chris Crader, owner of the two restaurants.

After moving to Granville about six years, Crader said he missed having a nearby Harvest location and spent years looking for the perfect location inside the village.

Crader said the menu will be similar to Columbus locations.

“I think we’re always trying to reinvent and improve the offerings, but you’ll definitely see the favorites and by the time it opens hopefully new favorites,” he said.

Harvest moves into the former home of the Millennium Academy of Irish Dance and Music and the space is to be completely remodeled. It will likely open in late fall or early winter, Crader said.

Like other locations, Harvest’s Granville location will source ingredients from local farmers and growers, Crader said, adding The Station will be the same way.

“Our goal is to provide farm-to-table breakfast, lunch and dinner that is tasty, fresh and healthier,” he said.

Both restaurants will offer beer, wine and cocktails after liquor license transfers were recently approved, Crader said.

The cafe, which will open in April, will source its coffee from select single-family cooperative coffee growers in Central America, Crader said.

“Everything we do at Harvest continues here where, you know, we really like supporting growers and independent farmers and community supported agriculture and things like that,” he said. “I think you can say it’s definitely impacting smaller communities, ours as well as those in South and Central America.”

Chris Crader on a table outside the Train Depot in Granville, which will become a restaurant Chris owns called "The train station." In Granville, Ohio on Feb. 24, 2022. Crader said The Station will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and open next April.

An added benefit for restaurants using local growers, Crader said, is that they haven’t experienced the inflation and price increases that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve seen prices a little more stable, not that it’s been easy, but we’ve found it to be less of a roller coaster than people who are strictly dependent on the major distributors in the world,” he said.

After buying Lucky Cat Bakery in 2020, Crader said, the bread produced by the talented bakers was used in Harvest stores and grocery stores. But The Station will be a showcase for the bakery, especially through the breakfast and lunch offer.

The station will have enough indoor space for about 22 seats, Crader said, as well as an outdoor patio for expanded seating, depending on the weather.

But the cafe will also be convivial. An app is being developed, Crader said, so people can order their morning coffee and breakfast sandwich on the way to work or their dinner on the way home.

This is the future Harvest Pizza location in Granville, Ohio on February 24, 2022. Chris Crader owns four other Harvest Pizza locations in Columbus, Dublin and Bexley.

Crader said he’s been watching the station building for years and recently reached a deal to buy the historic building.

“I love this building and we live in Granville and we just felt we could fill a void by providing healthier, fresher options,” he said.

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