How Raisin the Rescue Sphynx Cat Became a Vet Clinic Nurse


What could be better than a good rescue story? The one where the rescued animal gives back! Meet Grape, a delightfully wrinkled Sphynx cat who was abandoned at Rescue pets in Gainesville, Fla., due to medical issues. Her eye ulcer was so severe that she almost had to have her eye removed – if not for a dedicated veterinarian student, Lindsey Hidenrite, who actively treated the problem and made sure Raisin kept her eye right. a small amount of scarring.

Nurse Raisin at work at the Gulf Gate Animal Medical Clinic in Sarasota, Florida.

These days, Raisin is on the other side of the vet’s office. She was adopted into a forever home by veterinary technician Ruth Heffernan and is accompanying her pet mother to work at the Gulf Gate Animal Medical Clinic in Sarasota, Florida, every day. At work, Raisin masters everything, from meeting and welcoming to the reception to comforting patients on the x-ray table. Whether through purrs or nods, Raisin makes sure everyone from fluffy dogs to rats feel comfortable during their vet visits.

Raisin’s reach goes far beyond the clinic. “Grape inspires me every day,” says Ruth. “Her fans love seeing her with all the patients, and they love seeing her curiosity with the surgery and the x-rays. Raisin loves big dogs – I don’t know what they are, but the bigger the better, and his fans seem to like that!

Raisins are also a source of inspiration for other pets with medical conditions and their caregivers. “I would tell a parent of a pet in this position to take it day to day; don’t get overwhelmed, ”advises Ruth. “Work with your veterinarian and be dedicated to the medical treatment of your pet, even if he is not a fan of the treatment! Don’t worry about medical bills and seek help if needed. Most veterinary clinics will allow you to make payment arrangements, or there are groups that will help you. “

And Raisin does everything while looking good. When she’s not wearing sports scrubs, you’ll find Raisin in tutus, polka dots, and even pearls – or wearing her heart on her sleeve, literally. “Raisin’s favorite outfit is a pale pink ballerina style dress with a heart on it,” says Ruth.

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