How to get the best pets in Adopt Me!

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  • Buy an egg from the gumball machine
  • Trade with other players

Adopt me! has a variety of different pets you can adopt, ranging from simple dogs to unique dragons. Some of the rarer pets can be tricky to get, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, we are here to help you in this Roblox Game.

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In this guide, we will review how to get the best pets in adopt me! This means rarer pets that few people will have. Remember, you can still just buy Robux and hatch yourself some eggs, but we’ll go over a few more methods that don’t require you to spend any money.

Buy an egg from the gumball machine

A great way to get unique pets is to buy them from the Gumball Machine located in the nursery. Here you can purchase a themed egg for $750. These eggs have a variety of themes associated with different places around the world. Below, you can check out some of the eggs that have already been offered through the Gumball machine.


  • Safari Egg
  • jungle egg
  • mythical egg
  • ocean egg
  • fossil egg
  • australian egg
  • farm egg
  • Wood Egg

These eggs will hatch pets that match the theme. For example, you can get Cardinal Red from the Wood Egg. This pet cannot be obtained from any other type of egg, which makes them very unique.

Trade with other players

A great way to get new pets is to trade with other players. This can be done by simply approaching someone and asking to trade.

To trade ultra-rare and legendary pets, you will need a trade license. If you’re looking for lower quality pets, you don’t need this license, but it’s worth getting as you can use it for report scammers.

Generally, you will need to trade pets of similar quality with other people. This means that if you have a duplicate of a rare pet, you can trade with someone else to get a new rare pet.

To make trading smoother, be sure to indicate in the chat that you are ready to trade. If you have a specific pet in mind, you can also mention it in the chat. If someone has the pet you’re looking for and wants to trade, all you have to do is find it and start trading.

Participate in events

Then we have events. These are time limited but may bring in a few new pets for you to adopt. For example, the Butterfly event is available from August 4 to August 18, 2022. During this time, you will be able to catch butterflies.

Although this event will eventually end, there will be other events in the future, so be sure to Watch out for upcoming announcements!

Visit the Neon Cave

The Neon Cave is a small area located just under the bridge towards Adoption Island. Here you can place four pets of the same animal in the cave circles and turn them into a neon pet.

If you aim higher, you can also do Mega Neons. It’s a bit of a process, as it will take four Neon Pets. This means that in total you will need 16 of the same pet.

Daily Login Rewards

Every day you log in, you will receive a reward based on your current streak. If you’ve only logged in for a few days you won’t get the best rewards, but as you start logging in you will increase your rewards.

There are two reward tracks; daily logins and Star Rewards. Daily login rewards consist of cash and gifts, while Star Rewards are generally more valuable.

Stars are rewarded daily, so be sure to maintain your connection streak!

For instance, if you have 210 stars you will get the Ginger Cat. That’s a lot, which makes it a long-term goal.

Once you reach 660 stars, you will receive a golden egg. This egg has a guaranteed chance to hatch one of the following legendary pets.

  • golden griffin
  • golden dragon
  • golden unicorn

Buy king eggs

Finally, we have king eggs. These are quite expensive and can be purchased from Sir Woofington for $1450. That’s a lot of money, but these eggs have no chance of hatching a common pet, making them perfect if you’re looking for higher quality pets. Below you can see the chances of getting each pet quality.

Quality Odds
Common 0%
Rare 25%
Rare 37%
Ultra Rare 30%
Legendary 8%

All in all, buying a Royal Egg can take you a while. Due to their high price, we recommend that you save all your money. To speed things up, you can also use Robux to buy money, but it is completely optional.

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