Inexpensive way to keep moist foods fresh

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  • It can be difficult to keep canned cat and dog food fresh between meals.
  • These inexpensive pet food lids make it easy to store food in the fridge.
  • They are sold in packs of three for $2.19 and will last for years.

Anyone who has ever fed their pet wet food knows that it can get messy. Unless you’re serving an entire can for each meal, you’ll need to store the rest in the refrigerator.

Leave the box uncovered and you have a pie, which just might turn your cat away from that particular recipe…forever. Additionally, these cat food odors can easily permeate nearby food. Flip the box over and you’ve got some serious cleaning to do.

I give my dog ​​kibble but I always top it off with pumpkin puree. To keep it fresh in the fridge, I used to cover the opened box with plastic wrap. It worked well enough, but after tossing endless wads of plastic into the trash, it started to feel rather pointless.

Our opinion Spot Ethical Products Pet Food Can Covers

Finally, before a weekend trip, I found a solution. I wanted to wrap open mash in a cooler bag, but I knew the plastic wrap wouldn’t hold. An Amazon search for wet

dog food

storage led me to these pet food can lids from Spot Ethical Products. These durable plastic lids have a snug-fitting lip that keeps cans securely sealed.

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