List of Soup Cats and Furniture – How to Get It

Are you totally confused by how Cats and Soup furniture works? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll detail exactly what furniture is and how to get it. This should help you progress a bit faster, not to mention have more fun in this adorable little idle puzzler.

If you haven’t heard of it, Cats and Soup just might be one of the cutest games ever to hit our phones. As the name suggests, you hire a group of adorable kitties to make soup, which you then resell for a profit. With addictive idle gameplay, a bunch of cats to collect, and stunning Studio Ghibli visuals, it’s well worth checking out.

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What are cats and soup furniture?

The Cats and Soup cabinet is a collectible item that allows you to decorate your mini room. It’s a cute place that lets you show off your cats in style, as well as all the furniture you’ve collected along the way.

How can I get soup cats and furniture?

To get furniture in Cats and Soup, you must first get the claw machine. At this point, you unlock the furniture store, which provides you with new furniture to buy. You do, however, need Furniture Coins to purchase it.

Should I buy cats and soup furniture pieces?

This is definitely the easiest way to get pieces of furniture, although they cost gems. It is the premium currency that you must buy with real money, or for free by completing achievements.

You can also get furniture parts by using the claw machine, completing daily missions, and from random cat gifts. Save as much as you can – they’re rare.

How does the furniture store for cats and soups work?

Before the Furniture Shop update, the only way to get furniture was through the Gift Shop. Every day three pieces of furniture were on sale, and if the item you wanted wasn’t there, you had to wait.

This is no longer the case thanks to the gift shop. This handy location allows you to reset all three Gift Shop options up to three times a day in exchange for viewing an ad.

Cats and Soup Furniture List

Below we will list the Cats and Soup furniture currently available, as part of their individual collections.


  • Umbrella stand (trick)
  • Backpack (thing)
  • rocking horse (toy)


  • Library (Furniture)
  • Library (wall decoration)
  • Library (Furniture)

Cats and Soup Furniture – Princess Accessories

  • Lamp (lighting)
  • Sofa (Furniture)
  • Purse (thing)

witch’s laboratory

  • Hat (Ornament)
  • Glass Orb (Ornament)
  • Broomstick (trick)


  • Obstruction (Leisure)
  • Blanket (carpet)
  • Sun (wall decoration)

Botanical Garden

  • Hanging fruits (wall decoration)
  • Plant (Ornament)
  • Water Feature (Ornament)


  • Chest (Furniture)
  • Bed (Furniture)
  • Barrel (Furniture)

The doll house

  • Teddy bear (toy)
  • Giraffe (toy)
  • Rabbit (toy)

modern styling

  • Table (Furniture)
  • Cup (Food)
  • Chair (Furniture)

Happy birthday

  • Gift (trick)
  • Balloon (toy)
  • Cake (Food)

Camping life

  • Fire (Leisure)
  • Marshmallow on stick (food)
  • Guitar (Leisure)


  • Clock (wall decoration)
  • Window (Window)
  • Fireplace (Leisure)

Merry Christmas

  • Christmas tree (ornament)
  • Fairy lights (ornament)
  • Crown (Ornament)

Luxurious life

  • Bed (Furniture)
  • Window (Window)
  • Carpet)

Chosun Palace

  • Window (Window)
  • Feature (furniture)
  • Palace (Furniture)

If you want to grab Cats and Soup, be sure to do so on iOS and Android via the links at the top of this page.

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