Mac Tabby Cat Cafe Marks 1,000th Cat Adoption in Charlotte


Lauren Reisner, 10, holds her new kittens Leo and Reddi Whip. Mac Tabby Cat Café has been welcoming kittens and helping find them homes for almost 5 years. On August 23, he celebrated his 1,000th adoption with Leo — and Reddi Whip is doing 1,001!

Less than five years after opening Charlotte’s first cat café, Mac Tabby Cat Café has taken an important step. The local business known for serving coffee, craft beer and cat cuddles celebrated its 1,000th adoption Tuesday night at its NoDa location. And number 1001 too.

“Every cat has a whole story about how they ended up at Mac Tabby’s. We were able to tell thousand stories so far, and that’s the greatest honor,” owner Lori Konawalik, the self-proclaimed “cat hunter,” said via email.

From left to right: Jessie Tanner, Lori Konawalik, Samantha Inglis and Alexis Hubbard from Mac Tabby Cat Café. Mac Tabby Cat Café

We’ll tell you all about the special feline that has 1,000 as part of its story, but for those unfamiliar with Mac Tabby, here’s a quick look at the cafe that serves as both coffee and a rescue mission.

How Mac Tabby Works

Origins: Mac Tabby was founded on the idea of ​​bringing together good energy, good people, great coffee, craft beer and cats, Konawalik said. With the help of 299 Kickstarter backers, the business – which also serves as a foster home for rescued cats – opened on December 16, 2017 on North Davidson Street before moving to its permanent home in NoDa in 2019. Mac Tabby has been so successful that it opened a second location in Concord on May 1, 2021.

How it works: For $12 per person, cat lovers ages 7 and up can Reserve a 60-minute chat room experience that lets them get cozy with adoptable felines that roam freely throughout the cafe. Private experiences are also available, in addition to a monthly “chat time” for young children. Cost is $8 for walk-in tours, subject to availability.

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Photo by: Alex Cason Photography (
Mac Tabby Cat Cafe NoDa location. Alex Casson

Coffee only: You don’t need an entry fee to order from the cafe’s menu, which boasts an assortment of brownies, cookie bars, and fresh baked goods. Bar choices include espresso drinks, coffee, smoothies, hot teas, beers, ciders, wine, and prosecco, as well as Italian sodas, flavored lemonades, kombucha, and more. You’ll also find a selection of kitten-themed treats, local artwork and Mac Tabby merchandise available for purchase.

Are you looking to adopt? Every Mac Tabby cat is looking for their forever family. Konawalik and his team teamed up with a rescue group Princeton Meow to manage approval and adoption processes. The $120-135 fee covers the cost of neutering or neutering, as well as microchipping, initial health visits, flea and tick treatments, and vaccinations. More information on the adoption process can be found here.

Photo by: Alex Cason Photography (
Mac Tabby Cat Cafe NoDa location. Alex Casson

Leo Wyatt finds his forever home

Speaking of adoption, meet Leo Wyatt, the special kitty who has the honor of being Mac Tabby’s 1,000th adoption.

Leo and his sisters were handed over to a large shelter without their mom cat. A volunteer took them out and bottle-fed them or they would have been euthanized, Konawalik said.

He is now 5 months old. His listing on Princeton’s Meow describes him as “the sweetest, most affectionate kitten” and goes on to say, “Leo is active and playful, loves chasing toys and interacting with people. His purr could move mountains and he freely shares it with everyone he meets.

One of the Leos Facebook fans wrote this about the black and white kitten: “I really don’t think he can get any cuter because he broke the cuteness meter!!!”

IMG_20220823_210713_911 copy.jpg
David and Kimberly Reisner, along with their daughter Lauren, adopted Leo and Reddi Whip from the Mac Tabby Cat Café. Mac Tabby Cat Café

Leo joins a family whose elderly cat passed away some time ago. Their 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, had wanted another feline companion for some time, and when they saw Leo, it was a perfect match.

“They fell in love with Leo Wyatt because watching him makes them smile,” Konawalik said. “They think he looks a bit like a cartoon! Also, they liked his personality and how he was a good balance between love and playfulness. They knew it was him.

Leo’s adopters were surprised when they picked him up on Tuesday, unaware that he would be the 1,000th adoption. The company celebrated with a champagne toast and a new banner commemorating the milestone of 1000.

They also celebrated adoption 1,001: a solid white kitten named Reddi Whip who went into the same family as Leo. Now Leo has a brother.

“It takes a lot of caring humans to get every cat from its starting point to its forever home,” Konawalik said. “We are a small part of the greater good and are grateful to be able to spread kindness around the world in the best way, one cat at a time. A thousand…and counting.

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe Concord location. Courtesy of Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Location: 25 Market Street Southwest, Concord, NC 28025

Neighborhood: Concorde

Location: 3204 N Davidson St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

Neighbourhood: NoDa

instagram: @mactabbycatcafe

Leo Wyatt.jpg
Leo Wyatt, pictured above, and his sisters were released to a high-rise shelter before being pulled out by a rescuer and bottle-fed On August 23, Leo was the 1,000th cat adopted from the Mac Tabby Cat Cafe. Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

This story was originally published August 24, 2022 5:50 a.m.

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