Mysterious disappearance of Mabel the Sphynx cat leaves the Podsmead family with a ‘massive hole in the heart’


A sincere appeal has been made to help locate the Sphynx cat from a family in Gloucester who has not been seen since Monday.

Stacey Daniels, of Redwood Close, Podsmead, said she feared Mabel had been robbed and her family wanted her home.

She said three-year-old Mabel needs special care, needs a bath and is in dire need.

Stacey, who has a two-month-old baby, as well as two dogs and a Siamese cat named Chloe, said she last saw Mabel around 8:30 p.m. on Monday looking around a neighbor’s property.

She said, “We haven’t seen her since! My animals are both my babies and my newborn.

“She was my gift for 30 years and it left a huge hole not only in my heart, but in my whole family.

“We are desperate to have her house because it now looks like it could have been stolen. She is chipped and sterilized.

Stacey is hoping that the release of Mabel’s photo will make her “too hot to handle” and they just want her to be home because “she represents the world and more”.

If you can help, Stacey can be reached on 07502 501 353.

According to the Sphynx Cat Club, the breed is “one of the most affectionate, sociable and intelligent cats in the world”.

It is said that despite appearances, the cat is not “totally naked” but is covered with a fluffy down almost invisible to the eye. The club adds: The texture of the skin is similar to that of a warm peach or a chamois. “

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