Pet Poll Semi-Finals Begin Monday

Nov. 4—We hope everyone is as excited as we are about the Pet Calendar Poll Semi-Finals starting Monday.

Twenty-six pets have qualified for the semi-finals – and voters will decide which of those 12 pets will feature in an upcoming pet calendar by voting November 7-12.

The final round of voting will take place Nov. 14-18 to determine which of the 12 finalists will appear on the cover of the Pet Calendar.

Anyone can pay a fee of 25 cents per vote each of the last two rounds for the pet they want to be on the pet schedule.

Anyone can buy any number of votes for any of the pets in the final round. Anyone can submit their vote and payment at the News-Capital offices at 500 S. Main St. in McAlester or by mailing it to PO Box 987, McAlester, OK 74502.

Here is a list of the semi-finalists and the number of votes each received:

Brownie the dog—64

Saber the dog—54

Carry the rescue dog—33

Sadey the cat—32

Hank the Dog—21

Sadie and Fancy the Dogs—20

Auggie the dog—17

Lulu the dog—16

Aspen the dog—15

Angel the dog—13

Penny the Dog—13

Put the dog away—7

Orange-gee the chicken—7

Luna the cat—6

Ginger the dog—6

Louie the dog—5

Mabel Blue the dog—4

Petunia the cat—3

Cooper the dog—3

Roxy the dog—2

Hercules the dog—2

Nugget the dog—2

Sergei and Dimitri the dogs—2

Lite the dog—2

Jackson the lemur—2

Apollo the dog—2

These votes will not be counted in future round totals.

The News-Capital launched the Pet Calendar last year as a fun way to help the Pittsburg County Animal Shelter.

A portion of the proceeds from this project goes toward purchasing needed items for the Pittsburg County Animal Shelter. Last year, newspaper staff loaded up a truck full of food, treats, blankets, beds, toys and more which was delivered to the animal shelter.

The News-Capital has included every pet submitted by the nomination deadline in the first two rounds of voting this year.

In two rounds of online-only voting on the News-Capital website, voters chose their favorites and the pets they wanted to promote.

This is a fun and interactive way to help out the local animal shelter and we hope as many people as possible can participate.

—McAlester News-Capital Editorial Board

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