Presale guide for beginners: IMPT and Big Eyes are great choices, while Oryen wins +100%

At the height of the ICO craze between 2017 and 2018, 4 out of 5 ICO projects collapsed, either because they were fraudulent or because they didn’t work as expected. Investors lost billions of dollars while some became skeptical of crypto projects.

After this hype, new companies launching ICOs learned from their mistakes and established more powerful projects. As a result, ICOs have received a higher success rate. But still, not all ICOs are worth buying. If you are new to the ICO space, the easiest way is to head to projects listed among the best. These ICOs always have limited risks with relatively high returns.

Some of the top ICO projects of 2022 include IMPT, Big Eyes, and Oryen. All three projects have received massive support from the crypto community, with Oryen’s support arguably being the strongest. Oryen’s symbolic performance is proof of the success of this ICO. The token gained 100% after just one month. $IMPT and Big Eyes also have outstanding performance, but not as much as $ORY.

What is the Oryen network?

Oryen Network is a decentralized staking platform, i.e. a blockchain platform that allows users to lock up their digital assets, like in a conventional bank’s fixed deposit account. In return, the user earns interest which is given to him periodically. Oryen staking offers hourly interest payments, and the interest rate is set at 90% per annum, payable in $ORY.

Oryen Network rewards users for holding its tokens through purchase and sale taxes. These taxes generate more $ORY distributed to liquidity pools, Oryen’s unique risk-free value (RFV) portfolio, and treasury development. Together, the features help secure the network and provide additional returns for investors.

Oryen developers have also built efficient smart contracts on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), leveraging the speed, low fees, and efficiency of the blockchain. The protocol also performs independent smart contract audits to identify and fix protocol vulnerabilities, preventing potential breaches.

Oryen’s ICO performance

The Oryen The project launched its ICO in late September, trading $ORY at $0.05. The token rose in value gradually over a month to reach $0.11 at the end of phase 2. The ongoing phase 3 presale will also see a price increase, with bonuses for early investors.

The project has added over 2,500 new and unique listings to its ICO, increasing demand for $ORY. Part of this success is due to Oryen’s easy to use web platform which has simplified members register to join the ICO. The dynamic pricing and bonuses planned for the current presale are as follows:

presale session


ORY price

Purchase premium

Presale 2

02 Nov — 09 Nov



Presale 3

09 Nov — 16 Nov



Presale 4

Nov. 16 — Nov. 23



Presale 5

23 Nov — 02 Dec



How does IMPT work?

TAX is a blockchain protocol that connects businesses to climate action institutions, allowing businesses to fund their efforts to offset corporate-generated carbon emissions. Businesses can buy carbon credits on the platform using its utility token, $IMPT.

Climate programs can then deploy the funds generated to execute their plans and work towards environmental conservation. IMPT is primarily a platform that simplifies the process for companies to limit their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on society.

What are big eyes?

Big Eyes ($BIG) is the latest meme coin in the crypto market. The community token sets itself apart from the rest by being a cat-themed crypto and taking on the attributes of a cat, such as warmth and charm.

The project is developing an NFT marketplace, merchandise store, and charity wallet to provide users with a comprehensive experience with a focus on community empowerment. Big Eyes aims to catalyze the growth of its community with these features and build a strong support base for the token.

The essential

Oryen is a very successful ICO alongside IMPT and Big Eyes. All three are good choices for a beginner in the ICO field. If you are looking to invest in a token, then $ORY is the most preferred considering the massive ROI.

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