Social media post reunites Oliver the Persian with his family 365 miles away

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Oliver the Persian cat is a house cat, but somehow he broke away from his home in Mountain Home, Idaho. Since Oliver doesn’t come out, it was very unusual for him to go missing. To find him, his family started sharing posts on social media and putting up signs in their neighborhood.

Notably, the day Oliver disappeared was August 18, a Wednesday morning. Then, for four days, he remained missing. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a microchip, so the family couldn’t find him.

Oliver the Persian, Mountain Home, Idaho, image via Facebook

Oliver found 365 miles north

A few days later, on Friday the 24th, Olivier le Persan arrived. Amazingly, he was over 365 miles away in Alberton, Montana. Someone found him, bathed him and took him to AniMeals, an adoption center near Missoula, reports NBC Montana.

The person who found him said he was really dirty so she gave him a bath and brought him to us on the 24th,” wrote Ani Meals.

Previously, rescuers from Ani Meals had posted about Oliver on their social media page. Amazingly, one of their followers saw the found message and connected with Oliver’s owners so far the very next night.

Above all, if not for social media, Oliver might never have found his home. Now his human family was ready for a long journey.

“The family made the 365 mile journey to pick up Oliver on Thursday. They said they didn’t know how he got out. AniMeals said he could have hitchhiked in or on a car that made it all the way to Missoula,” NBC reports.

Luckily, before returning to Mountain Home, the shelter gave Oliver a microchip. Now it will never be easily lost again.

Olivier the Persian

Olivier the Persian, images via Facebook

Olivier the Persian

Oliver the Persian, images, screenshots via KTVB7

How did Oliver the Persian travel 365 miles?

It’s a mystery how Oliver the Persian got this far so fast. Perhaps, AniMeals suggested, the Persian had hitched a ride. But, did someone drive him into a car, or did he somehow get out of the house and jump on a vehicle himself? Today, no one knows for sure except Oliver. Perhaps there could be another witness?

Happy reunion of Oliver with his family

As soon as the family learned of Oliver’s whereabouts, they traveled eight hours by car to the shelter. A little girl, Rachael Bush, was heartbroken after losing her cat. Now her best friend was coming home.

“And I asked to open the cage, and then I knew it was Oliver,” she said. KTVB7. “Everyone has a best friend, and Oliver was mine. I was just missing something, like home didn’t feel like home without Oliver.

Reunion with Olivier the Persian

Images via Facebook

Reunion, Olivier the Persian

Images via Facebook, Screenshot via KTVB7

Back home, Olivier le Persian

On Facebook, Annemarie Bush shared a video of her Rachael tenderly holding Oliver on the drive home.

“We went back home !! Oliver slept most of the way, waking up just enough to like Rachael and going back to sleep. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping us find him!

Oliver the Persian and the Microchip

Following Oliver the Persian’s incredible reunion, AniMeals said the story was a perfect opportunity to discuss microchip.

“This is a perfect example of the importance of microchipping pets and sharing lost/found pets. Never assume your pet won’t come out or go missing under strange circumstances.

Additionally, rescuers suggested posting lost/found information on Instagram, Facebook, Pawboostand next to.

“Extend your reach beyond the local, never know they might be 365 miles away,” they wrote.

Plus, they suggested thinking outside the box to find out where your pet might be.

“Don’t assume your pet will never leave the house or act predictably. We think it’s possible that Oliver crawled onto or into someone’s car and took a very long drive .

Finally, they say to keep watching and watching no matter how much time has passed because, as we have seen, strange things can happen. Above all, never give up.

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