SOLVED: How to create immortality in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a game that embodies relaxing and fun gameplay. Its simplicity has captivated gamers with its elements, basic items and mix and match gameplay that just tricks gamers to go beyond their imagination and create something crazy. With the hundreds of things that can be done with the elements, players might be wondering how to create immortality in Little Alchemy 2. While you’re at it, consider reading our Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Time guide.

Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 explained

Essentially, Immortality Little Alchemy 2 features 15 additional special items that players can access after reading this guide. These 15 special items can be mixed and matched to create several different items, some of which are common, some of which are legendary or rare items.

There is no direct way to obtain the Immortality Recipe from Little Alchemy 2, as it is not a craftable item; on the contrary, it cannot be bought. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can unlock and gain immortality to craft your dream items!

Switch to a compatible device

First, unfortunately, there is no way to get Immortality Little Alchemy 2 through a PC Store. For players who have played Little Alchemy 2 on a PC and wish to purchase Immortality, they will need to upgrade to a compatible device with the Little Alchemy store, as the primary way to find out how to get Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 is through purchasing the Myths and Monsters content pack in the store, which unfortunately is only available for iOS and Android mobile player access.

Go to the Little Alchemy 2 store

After downloading the game on your respective phones, players will have to re-launch the game on their mobile devices, where at this point they will find out that they cannot exactly transfer their data from their PC to their Mobile account, which is a bummer . Yet there is nothing that can be done about it.

Anyway, after launching the Little Alchemy 2 application, players will be greeted by a purple screen in which there will be the four basic elements, and at the bottom of the screen there are five main buttons , one of which will be labeled “Store,” players want to click on it.

Purchasing the Myths and Monsters Content Pack

Little Alchemy 2 Buy Button

Upon entering the store, the easiest way to find out how to create immortality in Little Alchemy 2 is to purchase the content pack. There will be a pink buy button on the homepage for players to click on, which will take them further to another page that will show players what exactly will be included in the content pack.

Basic elements of the Little Alchemy 2 pack
Basic Elements 4

Essentially, 4 basic items, such as “evil”, “good”, “monster” and of course “immortality”, will be added to the player’s archive while also having access to 110 new items for players to create and discover themselves themselves. . Scroll to the end of the page to come across a purple buy button and click on it.

After that, Android gamers will need to click the green “Buy” button and enter their bank details, or just their account password if they’ve already registered it. In contrast, iOS gamers simply need to confirm their purchase by double-clicking their power button and using their Face ID or Touch ID to purchase the bundle.

The main question “How to create immortality in Little Alchemy 2” has been officially answered! Let’s continue with some basic and complex recipes you can make with the Immortality item!

Immortality recipes to try in Little Alchemy 2

Continuing with the Immortality crafting guide in Little Alchemy 2, there are 15 recipes that players can try out which can get the different items that can be used to craft different items.


Little Alchemy 2 Achilles
Creation of Achilles

Starting with the first item players can create is Achilles, who was described as a Greek warrior known for his exploits in the Trojan War. Achilles itself is not so easy to create, but there are two main ways to do it.

For this process, players will have to combine elements such as water, earth, puddles, ponds, lakes, seas, primordial soup, stones, blades, humans, and finally, with the warrior, combine it with immortality to reach Achilles.

The second way to achieve Achilles is by combining a hero and immortality, which can still be achieved by first learning the recipe for immortality from Little Alchemy 2.


Little Alchemy 2 Ankh
Creation Ankh

Following the How to Create Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 walkthrough, the next item we will look at is Ankh, which is yet another item described as originating from ancient Egypt. There is a main recipe for this; however different methods to reach Ankh.

The use of elements such as air, earth, pressure, stones, sans, water, clay, puddles, ponds, lakes, seas, primordial soup and the Pyramids will give players access to a mummy that can be mixed with immortality to create Ankh.


Little Alchemy 2
Creation of Baast

The next thing we can do learning how to get immortality in Little Alchemy 2 is Baast who is described as the main Egyptian goddess of cats, remembering how the Egyptians worshiped cats. Baast can be done by this method alone:

With the combination of water, puddles, ponds, lakes, primordial soup, earth, life, air, pressure, continents, and then mixing the combinations time, the moon, animals and finally a cat with immortality to reach Baast.

book of the dead

Little Alchemy 2 Book of the Dead
Book of Dead Creation

The Book of The Dead is a simple book with all of life’s cheat codes, and the How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide also reveals how to make the Book of The Dead with this method:

The Book of the Dead is perhaps one of the most detailed walkthroughs. Yet an abstract will mix things like water, mud, puddles, clay, primordial soup, lands, continents, solar cells made by combining sun and fire, electricity , light bulbs, houses and finally a container with an idea with a book which, when mixed with Immortality, provides the Book of the Dead.


Little Alchemy 2 Deity
creation of divinity

Moving on, the fifth item on our list will be divinity, which is just featured as a supernatural being in Little Alchemy 2, and there’s an individual process players will need to achieve godhood:

Players can create a human by combining elements like water, earth, air, pressure, puddles, sea, primordial soup, life, time, clay, and then water. ‘human. After that, add the essence of immortality to a human and you have a deity.


Demon from Little Alchemy 2
Demonic Creation

The next item on our list is a demon included in the Myths and Monsters pack as a spirit that can turn evil. To create Demon, here are the steps players need to follow:

There is no chosen method of doing evil itself, as the Evil item is included in the four base items of the Myths and Monsters content pack.

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elixir of life

Little Alchemy 2 Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life Creation

To continue with the next item in the How to Create Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 walkthrough, the elixir of life takes place in 3 main ways:

  • Bottle + Immortality
  • Container + Immortality
  • Liquid + Immortality

By mixing elements like water, air, pressure, stone, mud, puddle, pond, lakes, sea, primordial soup, clay, life, humans, sand, continents, glass, telescopes, science, then eventually mixing any of these with immortality will earn you a special elixir of life which is basically a magic potion that can grant players ‘immortality.

fountain of Youth

Little Alchemy 2 Fountain of Youth
Fountain of youth creation

The Fountain of Youth grants players youth for a lifetime, and it can be obtained by mixing immortality in this way:

The actual process is quite simple, as it requires the player to combine elements like fire, energy, earth, mountain, which will give the player a monster, combine that with earth, continent, planet, fire, sun to make a statue, then use water, fountain and immortality to reach the fountain of youth.

Holy Grail

Continuing, the next item players can craft is the Holy Grail which is known to drive away death with a single sip, and it can be done through this process:

The whole process may seem long, so the easiest way is to combine air, earth, stone, clay, puddles, lakes, primordial soups, time, life , humans, sands, glass, continents, planets, fire, sun, energy, glass, idea, brick, houses, containers, then finally a cup with Immortality.


Little Alchemy 2 Ouroboros
Creation Ouroboros

Moving on, another important item that players can craft is Ouroboros, which is basically a snake that can show the player the “circle of life.” Players can do this by following two simple processes:

  • Serpent + Immortality
  • Dragon + Immortality

Starting with the primordial soup already created, combine it with things like time to create life, earth, earth, air, pressure, stone, fire, metal, continents, sun , fire, energy, solar cells, then combine that with the sun to produce electricity, and when an animal is mixed with a thread, it produces a snake. Finally, mix a snake with Immortality to reach Ouroboros.

fishing for immortality

fishing for immortality
Fishing for the Creation of Immortality

The next item that players can easily create and access is the Immortality Fishing with these steps:

  • Fruit + Immortality
  • Fruit Tree + Immortality

Philosophical Stone

Philosophical Stone
Creation of the Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is described as an alchemical stone that can bestow the player with the essence of immortality; is therefore crucial for the solution How to Create Immortality in Little Alchemy 2. Here is how to create the item using three different methods:

  • Immortality + Rock
  • Immortality + Stone
  • Immortality + Alchemist

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Sun Wu Kong

The Sun Wukong is a mythical monkey that has Western ambitions and can be crafted by the only process available:


Creation Tawaret

To reach Tawaret, players can use this method:


Creation Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a random thought process by which the universe could have been a tree (I know, crazy!).

Combining these two will yield Yggdrasil, and with that, we’re all done with the How to Create Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide. We hope you found it useful!

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