Special needs Persian cat steals hearts with adorable underbite and wobbly whiskers


A special needs cat named Yohji has stolen the heart of the internet with her adorable underbite.

It was love at first sight for owner Kim who stumbled upon a photo of Yohji on a Craigslist ad for a litter of kittens, which revealed that he had certain “birth defects” and was a cat in need. specials.

The 27-year-old from Haarlem, the Netherlands, immediately knew she wanted the seal-tip Persian cat to be part of her family.

Kim, who lives with her boyfriend Wouter, 31, said: “We got Yohji from a litter that we discovered through an advertisement on Dutch Craigslist.

“We read that he had ‘flaws’ and we just knew we wanted him to be part of our little family. He is part of our family and so I would say we adopted him.

Her unique look has won her many fans

“I’m just really happy that he didn’t have to suffer first to find his forever home.”

“Cats like Yohji, who require more maintenance due to their birth defects and are therefore considered to have special needs, often end up with people who don’t know how to take care of them, or who don’t. just don’t want to deal with them and then bring them to shelters or even throw them on the streets.

“A cat should always be part of the family, I don’t like the term buy for a cat because that would mean you would buy them as some kind of product.”

He loves hugs and is a ball of energy

Kim has since launched an Instagram page for Yohji which has amassed over 34.5,000 followers – and he has stolen hearts from the internet.

Yohji loves to snuggle up to his owners and is a ball of energy, constantly jumping and chatting with his distinctive meow.

The Persian cat’s whiskers are shaped in a very unique way – and vets don’t understand why.

Yohji recently had surgery for several dental issues and needs additional treatment due to his condition, but Kim wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

“He’s a happy little boy”

She said, “He’s a very happy little boy; he loves to jump around the house but also loves to sleep a lot. He’s a silly lovebug who likes to snuggle up to us. He is very talkative and has a very loud meow that he is not afraid to use.

“No one knows, but apparently it’s common for Persians to have wobbly mustaches, but hers are really something else. Vets don’t really have an explanation for them. Fortunately, they don’t bother him.

“At the moment, he is on a special veterinary diet due to his problems with his stomach upset after undergoing surgery for his dental problems.

“He has a unique face. People love the combination of his large expressive blue eyes, wobbly mustache, and underbite.

“He’s a very expressive kitten and because I can spend a lot of time with him I can get a lot of cute photos and videos of him.

“He makes me really happy and I wanted to share that feeling of happiness with the internet.”

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