Stray Mod adds a Siamese cat to the game

Wander is the latest indie gaming darling to take the internet by storm. Although the game features its own charming story and a surprisingly realistic chat to play, it appeals to many players, fans and modders have already worked hard to make changes to the title.

Wander follows the story of a small orange cat separated from his family at the start of the game. Left alone to survive, the cat must fight his way through a strange cyberpunk land populated by robots in an attempt to find his shadow.


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Extreme work and detail went into bringing the game’s orange tabby to life, but with so many different breeds and colors of cats in real life, it’s no surprise some have taken the opportunity to feature different-looking cats in the world. One such example is a mod available through NexusMods. Only a few days later WanderNexusMods user sir_galahad172 took to the site to share a simple Siamese recolor mod for the playable cat.

As expected, the Siamese version of the cat has bright blue eyes and dark points like a Seal-point or Chocolate-point Siamese cat, with dark markings on its legs, ears, tail and face. . Users in the comments raved about the creation, often comparing it to their own Siamese cats in real life. Several fans of the mod have pointed out that the reskin also looks a lot like Ragdoll cats, which tend to have very similar markings. However, since Ragdoll cats tend to be much fluffier, it can be more difficult to create a believable modification of the cat to make it look like the longhaired breed.

Several mods already exist that make minor changes to the playable cat, like changing its race or color, like this one. However, there are some weirder mods too, like one that replaces the cat entirely with Garfield, the iconic comic book cat. An even stranger bet grand theft auto san andreas‘ CJ instead of the cat, which makes for a bizarre sight to say the least. Unfortunately, these mods are only available for PC gamers.

Although it got a slight delay, game and cat fans can’t seem to get enough Wander. The game received many rave reviews, and the developer and publisher bringing attention to cat charities also helped shine a light on the creation. With Wander mods like these, the game is likely to hold players’ attention for a long time.

Wander is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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