The 10 most affectionate and cuddly cat breeds – including Persian and Sphynx

These types of cats love cuddles or cuddles and will make you feel so loved as a cat owner.

Pet ownership has skyrocketed in the UK since the pandemic and if you’re a parent keen to be a pet, there are plenty of animals to choose from, including cats.

Many people believe that cats aren’t as affectionate as dogs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They love the attention of their owners and caregivers as much as any dog.

There are 40 cat breeds in the UK, according to the Board of Cat Fancy, a UK cat registration organization. You might want to take a look at the best breed for you before choosing your furry friend to cuddle. and snuggle up.

If you’re an active person looking to spend some time outdoors, some specific breeds that need lots of playtime and stimulation might prove to be ideal pets. And if you’re looking for an independent cat that doesn’t need to worry, we have some other recommendations for you.

You may just want a cat on your lap or an affectionate, social cat that’s happy to spend time with you or snuggle up to you. There are so many choices. Extra care should be taken by those with allergies to choose hypoallergenic felines

And remember, all cats demand respect and that’s key to cat ownership. Research from Nottingham Trent University found that cats respond best to those who pick up on their subtle cues about likes and dislikes.

So, if you’re considering owning a cat for the first time, here are 10 ideal cat breeds for you:

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