Wyoming Area Kiwanis Club fundraising vest a success

EXETER — The Wyoming Area Kiwanis Club’s vest program has officially ended after the club raised more than $51,000 to purchase 172 gunproof vests for all law enforcement, fire and EMS , as well as first aid kits and CAT tourniquets for all police officers, emergency responders, firefighters. fighters and school resource officers that encompass school districts in the Wyoming area and the Pittston area.

The vest package includes a vest, first aid kit and CAT tourniquet valued at $300.

“It was something we had never done before, but seeing how the world was changing and firefighters and ambulances helping all emergencies, we wanted to help provide this equipment that we knew would not be in their budget,” Tiffany Callaio said. , president of the WAKC.

In 2019, when the insider debuted, the club was seeking donations to supply all law enforcement officers for the Wyoming area school district.

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The program was so successful and after distributing the pack of vests to everyone in the district, the remaining vests were donated to the Pittston Police Department.

The program was revived after a spike in interest on the east side of the Susquehanna River, WAKC continued to raise funds to equip all law enforcement, firefighters and emergency responders in the school district from the Pittston area.

The two-year project raised more than $51,000 through area donations from businesses, individuals and families.

“All of this could not have happened without the businesses and community members who donated to this project,” Callaio added. “In total, we raised over $51,000 to purchase all 172 sets of vests. So a big thank you to everyone who helped give our police, fire, EMS, and school resource officers the safety they need to protect the community.

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